Section 1

to beat, I beat, beaten : battre.

to become, I became, become : devenir.

to begin, I began, begun : commencer.

to bite, I bit, bitten : mordre.

to break, I broke, broken : casser.

to bring, I brought, brought : apporter.

to build, I built, built : construire.

to burn, I burnt, burnt : brûler.

to buy, I bought, bought : acheter.

to catch, I caught, caught : attraper.

Section 2

to choose, I chose, chosen : choisir.

to come, I came, come : venir.

to cost, I cost, cost : coûter.

to cut, I cut, cut : couper.

to do, I did, done : faire.

to dream, I dreamt, dreamt : rêver.

to drink, I drank, drunk : boire.

to drive, I drove, driven : conduire.

to eat, I ate, eaten : manger.

to fall, I fell, fallen : tomber.

Section 3

to find, I found, found : trouver.

to fly, I flew, flown : voler.

to forget, I forgot, forgotten : oublier.

to get, I got, got : obtenir.

to give, I gave, given : donner.

to go, I went, gone : aller.

to have, I had, had : avoir.

to hear, I heard, heard : entendre.

to hold, I held, held : tenir.

to hurt, I hurt, hurt : blesser.

Section 4

to keep, I kept, kept : garder.

to know, I knew, known : savoir.

to learn, I learnt, learnt : apprendre.

to leave, I left, left : laisser.

to lose, I lost, lost : perdre.

to make, I made, made : fabriquer.

to meet, I met, met : rencontrer.

to pay, I paid, paid : payer.

to put, I put, put : mettre.

to read, I read, read : lire.

Section 5

to ride, I rode, ridden : chevaucher.

to ring, I rang, rung : sonner.

to run, I ran, run : courir.

to say, I said, said : dire.

to see, I saw, seen : voir.

to sell, I sold, sold : vendre.

to send, I sent, sent: envoyer.

to sing, I sang, sung : chanter.

to show, I showed, shown : montrer.

to sit, I sat, sat : s'assoir.

Section 6

to sleep, I slept, slept : dormir.

to speak, I spoke, spoken : parler.

to steal, I stole, stolen : voler.

to swim, I swam, swum : nager.

to take, I took, taken : prendre.

to teach, I taught, taught : enseigner.

to tell, I told, told : dire.

to think, I thought, thought : penser.

to throw, I threw, thrown : lancer.

to understand, I understood, understood : comprendre.

to wear, I wore, worn : porter (vêtement).

to win, I won, won : gagner.

to write, I wrote, written : écrire.

to be : être

to be, I was, you were, been.